Sunrise on the river

A new day dawns on the river

Welcome to Retirement Blessings! Whether you are looking down the road at retirement (longingly or with apprehension) or you’ve already taken the leap, Retirement Blessings will make you feel right at home! Here you’ll find inspiration and encouragement for this new chapter.

If you love the idea of “being the boss of you”–deciding how to spend your time and making these years productive, Retirement Blessings can help with that too.

Because I’ve been down that road, I decided to create this site to help others on their journey. I’m here to teach you how to be happily and productively retired.

Retirement Blessings–that’s how I would describe my life at this juncture. Just as in this picture taken at our river house, a new “day” has dawned in my life.

My days are mostly my own now.

No longer are they spent at interminable faculty meetings or writing minutes for countless committees. My evenings and weekends are not consumed by school-related activities–orientation, Parents’ Weekend, homecoming, and seminars–or by the grueling task of grading endless essays and tests.

My days–and nights–are mine!

Although those words may sound as if I didn’t enjoy teaching, nothing could be farther from the truth. Teaching was my calling, and I truly loved my work, my colleagues, and my students! I was blessed beyond measure.

And that’s precisely what made retiring  So. Very. Hard.

You see, I was an English teacher for almost 40 years at a small, church-related liberal arts college. Everything about my professional life was very satisfying, despite the hard work. The campus was beautiful, I taught classes I was interested in, and my college community was pretty much one big family. I taught the kids of my former students and of my own friends. I worked hard and felt I was following my true vocation, my calling, what I was put on this earth to do.

And then the economic crisis, coupled with some lingering budgetary problems, sent my school into a tailspin. Despite having what had been called an exemplary academic program, my school closed. I. Was. DEVASTATED!

The campus was bought by a state university, and I taught there one term. But it just wasn’t the same, so I retired at Christmas that year–packed up my books, files, grading pens, and four decades of memories–and came home.

And just like that,  I. WAS. RETIRED.

I had never planned to retire. That word simply wasn’t in my vocabulary–because I was doing what I loved! In fact, I’d been in love with school since I was in kindergarten. Call me crazy, but growing up, I cried every year when school got out.

Retirement Blessings.  Those two words really can go together! The purpose of this site is to provide value as you plan for retirement, adjust to it, and actually enjoy this new chapter!

And this site allows me to continue to be what I am:  a teacher at heart.

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Welcome to Retirement Blessings,